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Candles - LABShaman


Welcome to LAB Shaman's Manifesting Candles - a harmonious blend of intention, luxury, and nature's finest elements. Our candles are carefully crafted to serve as powerful tools for manifesting your deepest desires and fueling your spiritual journey.

Each candle begins with a base of clean-burning soy wax, paired with IFRA compliant fragrances, ensuring a safe, delightful aromatic experience. The magic truly unfolds as we introduce our custom herb mix, meticulously selected for their symbolic energies and benefits.

To amplify your intentions, we incorporate an energetically charged crystal into each candle. As the candle burns, it imbues your space with its amplified energy, working in unison with the herbs' properties and the unique fragrance blend to create a potent tool for manifestation.

Light a LAB Shaman Manifesting Candle, let its scent fill your space, and allow its energy to aid you in bringing your intentions to life.

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