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Victory Oil | Conjure Oil - Emerge Victorious | LAB Shaman

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Victory Oil is a powerful oil that's been used  to help people get the upper hand in the courtroom and/or when the odds are against you.

Our oils are made the traditional Hoodoo herb way.

Conjure Oil:  Victory
Intentions:  Victorious - Esp in Law & Legal Issues
Scent: Light- Masculine
Uses: Altars, Spells, Anoint Body, Spiritual Baths, used as offerings
Ingredients: 20+ Herbs, Crystals & Almond Oil.
Size: 10ml Glass bottle w/ Dropper

Victory Oil: Unleash Your Champion

Seize your moment, defy the odds, and assert your dominance with our Victory Oil. Steeped in the wisdom of traditional Hoodoo practices, this potent blend of 20+ hand-crushed herbs, rejuvenating crystals, and almond oil helps tilt the scales in your favor.

Whether you're facing legal challenges or life's trials, Victory Oil helps you to command the upper hand, and beckon the triumphant outcome you desire. It's more than just an oil; it's your ally, your secret weapon in the courtrooms of life.

Indulge in the light, masculine scent and feel the surge of confidence and power. Use it on altars, in spells, for anointing your body, spiritual baths, and offerings. A small size with enormous might - this 10ml glass dropper bottle might be the game-changer you've been waiting for.

ABOUT OUR OILS Every oil we create is a key player in ceremonial rituals, an ode to traditions rooted in healing, initiation, and empowerment. Oils help magnify our intentions, their fragrances stirring our emotions, and igniting our deepest desires.

VICTORY OIL When life feels like an uphill battle, Victory Oil is your steadfast companion, ready to imbue you with the spirit of a champion. This traditional Hoodoo blend is crafted with intention, a potent aid in your fight for justice and triumph.

Remember, we're selling curios, tools to direct the energy you already have within. We make no claims, offer no guarantees, but we believe in the power of intention, tradition, and ritual in influencing the energy of the universe.

Your moment of victory is on the horizon. Seize it with our Victory Oil.


Sold as a curio under LAB Shaman, LLC.
All of our conjure oils are sold as curios only. We make no claims and offer no guarantees. Conjure, rootwork, or magic is personal and unique to the individual seeking to tap into the energy flow of the universe. You only get out of it what you put in. We are simply providing tools to help you direct the energy you already have inside of yourself.
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