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Explore the latest buzz around LAB Shaman! Discover our recent features in renowned articles, get a sneak peek of our upcoming luxury products, and stay in the loop with our newsletter preparations. This is your portal to all things new and noteworthy from your favorite beauty, perfume, and metaphysical boutique.

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AB Shaman, trademarked, brand security, spiritual marketplace, metaphysical products, brand milestone, authenticity, brand name protection

LAB Shaman Trademark Alert: A Brand Milestone

Our Trademark Journey We are thrilled to announce that as of August 2023, LAB Shaman is officially trademarked! This isn't just about legal formalities; it's a testament to our dedication to authen...

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LAB Shaman, Freyr, God Oil, Norse God, fertility, abundance, spell oil, altar tool, metaphysical, spiritual journey, ritual, elixir, prosperity

Freyr God Oil | Abundance | New LAB Shaman Collection

In Norse mythology, Freyr, sometimes spelled as Frey and also known as Yngvi, is the deity governing peace, fertility, rain, and sunshine. He is the son of the sea god Njörd. Delve deep into the re...

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Ethereal Dreams, artisanal perfume, LAB Shaman, daydreaming, lavender, musks, citrus, ambers, driftwood, Fall 2023 launch, storytelling, imagination

Ethereal Dreams Artisan Perfume: Whisked Away to a World Beyond the Real

  What does Daydreaming feel like? What does it smell like? Introducing 'Ethereal Dreams' from LAB Shaman - a fragrance that promises to transport you beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in an ar...

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Limerence, LAB Shaman, artisan perfume, unisex fragrance, allure, limerence sensation, lavender, bergamot, cedarwood, vetiver, vanilla, sustainable packaging, Fall 2023 launch
allure perfume

Limerence: An Artisan Perfumed Poem of Passion and Allure

A Perfumed Poem of Passion and Allure Dive into the entrancing world of “Limerence,” our newest unisex fragrance at LAB Shaman. This scent stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication and pas...

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Crafting Hecate’s Essence | Artisan Perfume: BTS
artisan perfume

Crafting Hecate’s Essence | Artisan Perfume: BTS

A Behind-the-Scenes Journey At LAB Shaman, our creations are more than just products – they are the embodiment of passion, intention, and dedication. This fall, we’re thrilled to introduce our newe...

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Lacye A Brown, LAB Shaman, spiritual exploration, self-enhancement, metaphysical haven, wellness, Usui, Karuna, Quantum, Reiki Master, Hoodoo, Eclectic Wicca, Shoutout Magazine spotlight
Artisan Perfume

Spotlight on LAB Shaman: Featured in Shoutout Magazine!

LACYE IN SHOUTOUT MAGAZINE! Our hearts are filled with pride as we share that our visionary, Lacye A Brown, had an intimate chat with Shoutout Magazine. The conversation unveils the layers of her l...

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