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LAB Shaman Reviews

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Love These!

Beautifully made, I love the vibrant colors. I sing this in a read presents a gentler approach, the bright colors induce a happy feeling.

Bastet Oil | Conjure Oil - Honor | LAB Shaman

Irresistible | Conjure Oil | Enhances attractiveness & charm | LAB Shaman


This is my second time buying this product. The first time I was very happy with it and they are packaged beautifully and with care. However, my most recent purchase , four bottles of Florida water are a disappointment. They seem watered down and I cannot find any cinnamon or clove notes in it. When comparing it to the exact same bottle, I bought a few months ago. It’s undeniable that one smells like Florida water and is strong and wonderful and the new ones are watered down and I’m missing some of the classic notes that I’ve come to enjoy in Florida water. Sadly I won’t buy from Lab Shaman again.


Thank you for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that your recent purchase did not meet the high standards of your initial experience. Please be assured that we consistently use the same high-quality ingredients in our Florida Water, and nothing is watered down -EVER.

We value your input and encourage customers to reach out to us directly with any concerns in the future, as we are always ready to assist.

Thank you for your patronage, and we wish you all the best on your journey.

Warm regards,
LAB Shaman

Great stuff....made me totally relaxed

Thank you for brightening our day and helping us grow. -LAB Shaman Team

I have used this in the past I have not used it yet waiting for the date I came into the world on .. but I am sure it will as pleasant as the first

Your review has brought such a bright smile to our faces! Thank you so much. -LAB Shaman Team

Great fragrance thank you ??

Your review has sprinkled magic on our day! Heartfelt thanks! -LAB Shaman Team

I have used this in the past .. it was a great fragrance.. sadly this felled and bursted but I am sure it was great as the first

Your satisfaction is our joy. A massive thank you for being awesome! -LAB Shaman Team

I love the smell ??.. on all the fragrances thank you ??

Your words encourage us to be our best. Thanks a million! -LAB Shaman Team

The aroma is the best .. thank you ??

We're honored to be part of your journey and deeply thankful for your support. -LAB Shaman Team

The aroma is wonderful thank you ??

We're grateful beyond words and excited to be of service. -LAB Shaman Team

The aroma is wonderful thank you ??

Your kind words are like a warm, sunny day for us! Thank you for your support! -LAB Shaman Team

Fast shipping and can't wait to try

We're basking in the warmth of your lovely words! It's a pleasure to serve you, and we're so grateful for your support! -LAB Shaman Team

Smell fruity can't wait to try

Your delightful feedback has our hearts doing somersaults! We're thrilled to have your support. Big thanks! -LAB Shaman Team

I love all of her oils they work magic and they do exactly what is described I try to wear the oils daily and I love the crystals inside of them

Your review has sprinkled joy all over our day! Heartfelt thanks! -LAB Shaman Team

This is very good I�ve used it 2 times and I love the smell of it, it is truly authentic and the best kind.

Your glowing words have lit up our day! We're so grateful for your support and cheerful vibes. Thank you! -LAB Shaman Team

This is great I love the smell you can tell it was made with care and I love the crystal that comes inside if it

Thank you for brightening our day and helping us grow. -LAB Shaman Team

I love her customer service and her packaging it came in fast

We're absolutely delighted by your positive feedback! It's customers like you who make our day. Big hugs and thanks! -LAB Shaman Team

It smells amazing, and my ancestors seem to love it. Thank you!

Your happiness is our top priority. A big thank you! -LAB Shaman Team

I�ve been wearing it and I love the reminder in Morse code

We're so grateful for your support and love. Thank you a thousand times! -LAB Shaman Team

It has a nice smell

Thanks for the review! -LAB Shaman Team

My entire order was high quality, smells amazing and a lot of thought was put into packaging! Thank you, will order again!

Your heartwarming words are a true gift! We're so grateful and thrilled to have met your expectations. -LAB Shaman Team

very pretty great color and nicely made

We're honored by your review! Thank you for sharing with us and others. Feel free to come back anytime. - LAB Shaman Team

Okay I got the citrus scented Florida water and a couple othet items that I'll review separately, but it smells Divine!! And the ingredients say it includes love, and no doubt! I can feel it. My kid, my ancestors and I all love it. Thank you so much! And the cute little trinkets in the box were such a nice touch! I love that sort of stuff and it shows you care. I'm delighted to include this Florida water in my practice.

We're so happy you had a great experience at our store. Thank you!!!!! ( ^o^)/\(^_^ ) -LAB Shaman Team

Beautifully packaged and smells great. If you are looking for homemade Florida water that is a bit lighter on the scent, then this is for you.

Your uplifting words have brightened our day! We're so happy you had a great experience at our store. Thank you! ?( ^o^)??(^_^ ) -LAB Shaman Team