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Ancestor Candle | Honor | LAB Shaman

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Ancestors Candle
Fragrance Rose & Woody-Floral

Honor the resilience and love of your ancestors with our meticulously crafted Ancestors Candle. A homage to the lives lived and the sacrifices made, this candle invites an aura of respect, love, and healing, connecting you to the roots that have shaped your journey.

Immerse yourself in the richness of our unique recipe, combining over 30 herbs to construct a potent symphony of ancestral energies. The scent of aged roses, an aroma known for its high frequency, interweaves with warm, woody-floral notes, creating an ambience of tranquility and honor.

Each candle is home to an array of precious stones. Pyrite and black tourmaline crystals nestle at the base, grounding the energy, while a clear quartz crowns the top, amplifying and cleansing the spiritual resonance.

Housed in a matte black tin, our Ancestors Candle serves as a beacon for ancestral guidance, offering a medium to call upon your ancestors for wisdom, protection, or their comforting presence. Whether you use this candle for ceremonies, to grace your altar, or simply to honor those who came before you, it facilitates a deep, loving connection to your ancestral lineage.

Created with a blend of Hoodoo traditions, Reiki energy, and Shamanism, our Ancestors Candle is a tangible tribute to your roots and a medium for ancestral communication. Please use this tool with the respect and responsibility it deserves.

Made with 100% soy wax, this ancestral candle offers a significant spiritual experience and is sold as a curio. Dive into a realm of ancestral wisdom, healing, and love with the mesmerizing glow and sacred scent of our Ancestors Candle.

100% soy wax scented candles. Sold as a curio.

Please use responsibly and enjoy!