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Artisan Perfumes

Artisan Perfumes, meticulously crafted by Lacye A Brown. Each of our fragrances is not just a scent but an aromatic masterpiece composed with precision and an eye for detail.

The creation of each perfume is a careful 6+ month journey of selection, blending, and maturation. Lacye uses only premium quality, ethically sourced ingredients, resulting in perfumes that tell a story and evoke emotions.

Each bottle showcases Lacye's passion and talent for perfumery, incorporating complex notes and harmonious blends to offer you a luxurious sensory experience. The Artisan Perfumes are a testament to the art of fine perfumery, exuding sophistication with every whiff.

Indulge in a LAB Shaman Artisan Perfume, and immerse yourself in a symphony of scents carefully designed to captivate, inspire and delight your senses. IFRA compliant.

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