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White Calcite | Crystal, Stone | Psychic, Negative Energy | LAB Shaman

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Embrace the transcendent energy of our White Calcite stones, a pure and potent companion on your spiritual journey. Hand-polished to reveal a solid white texture interspersed with bands of clear and gentle hues of yellow, these stones emanate a unique and inviting glow. Some may even catch your eye with their near-translucent beauty or intriguing small pits.

Sourced from  Pakistan, each large (20-30mm) White Calcite is a beacon of balance, clarity, and harmony. When you welcome one into your life, you're inviting the potential to unlock your inner vision and unleash true psychic abilities.

Whether you're exploring the dream realm or diving deep into meditation, White Calcite can be your guide. Place it on your third eye and experience the euphoric sensations it bestows, tingling and resonating with your aura, guiding you on your true destined path.

White Calcite not only clears negative energies but restores your energy level to its natural state, opening energy channels that align your being with higher vibrations. Feel a new sense of wholeness and spiritual connection as you make this extraordinary gemstone a part of your daily practice.

Coming from a loving home, each crystal has been energetically cleansed and charged. Adopt a lovely today and make this beautiful White Calcite a part of your spiritual journey.

You will receive a crystal similar to the one in the photo, blessed and charged with loving energy, waiting to accompany you on your path to enlightenment.

Receive 1 per purchase.