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Florida Water Protection Spray 4-Pack | LAB Shaman

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4-Pack Florida Water, 2oz bottles

All Varieties available! Limited Quantities!


Step into a world where each season's spirit is captured in a bottle. Our 4-Pack Florida Water transcends the traditional with seasonally-infused essences, each blend maturing for over 3 months to perfection. Delight in the essence of Spring, the warmth of Summer, the cozy embrace of Fall, or the timeless charm of our Original blend.


 🌸 Seasonal Scents for Year-Round Magic 🌸



- Original: A harmonious fusion of citrus, florals, and lavender to uplift and refresh.

- Citrus: Immerse yourself in the invigorating embrace of vibrant citrus.

- Lavender: Experience the serene tranquility of European lavender fields.

- Hawaiian: Get swept away to a tropical paradise with luscious fruits and lush greenery.



- Rose: A trinity of roses intertwines to create an aroma of timeless beauty.

- Citrus: A tropical zing that brings the allure of exotic freshness to your senses.

- Lavender: Savor the fresh scent of French Lavender, a luxury that speaks of beauty in bloom.

- Calendula: Evoke the simple joy and sweetness reminiscent of sunny days and honey bees.



- Ocean Orchid: Let the scent of the ocean shores blended with delicate orchids carry you to the perfect beach day.

- Valley of the Fae: Breathe in the enchanting aroma of fairies dancing through exotic jungles.

- An Oud to Amber: Embrace the comfort of a dusky amber twilight.

- Tropical Bouquet: Rejuvenate with an exotic mix of florals and tropical fruits that awaken the senses.



- Evening Lavender: Unwind with the calming blend of lavender and evening herbs.

- Pumpkin Chai: Relish in the cozy delight of pumpkin spice as it heralds the arrival of fall.

- Autumn Musk: Let the scent of driftwood and fallen leaves bring a sense of homey warmth.

- Sacred Wood: Connect with the profound essence of earthy woods that touch the soul.


 ✨ Artisanal Crafting with a Spiritual Touch ✨

Blended with expertise and intention, each Florida Water carries the mark of my unique skill set — Hoodoo, Reiki, Wicca, and Shamanism. Enclosed in each bottle is a charged crystal to further empower and maintain the essence of the liquid, prepared with the utmost care, because that's what you deserve.


 🌿 A Tradition of Spiritual Elegance 🌿

From its inception in the 1800s, Florida Water has been renowned for its refreshing citrus and floral aroma. Beyond its fragrance, it's a spiritual staple, used for purification, blessings, and as an aide in communicating with ancestors.


 💫 An Aromatic Journey Through the Seasons 💫

With each spritz, our Seasonal 4-Pack Florida Water invites you to cleanse, protect, and energize your space and spirit. Whether you're drawn to the fresh vibrancy of Spring, the dynamic energy of Summer, the comforting embrace of Fall, or the Original blend's timeless allure, our carefully curated scents are a celebration of the natural cycle's beauty and power.

Experience the transformative scents that harmonize with every season—your journey awaits.