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The Haus of Lacye

Welcome to The Haus of Lacye!

Welcome to 'The Haus of Lacye,' a kaleidoscope of creativity and innovation that extends far beyond a singular pursuit. Within these virtual walls, you'll discover a portfolio of passions, each representing a different facet of Lacye's artistic mastery. From ethereal perfumes to fantastical storytelling, every project and business featured on this page is a unique expression of Lacye's commitment to beauty, excellence, and imaginative exploration. Step into the Haus and embark on a journey through the diverse and captivating worlds that Lacye has brought to life.


The Haus of Lacye: Unleashing the Power of Creativity!

Embark on a sensory adventure with "Haus of Lacye," a mixed media spectacle that showcases the mesmerizing talent behind three captivating artistic branches. Witness the spellbinding art of storytelling through writing and screenwriting, where immersive narratives come to life. Explore the whimsical and enthralling universe of Dr. Apples, where arts and entertainment collide to create a visual feast. Finally, indulge in the mystical allure of LAB Shaman, a luxurious metaphysical perfume store that combines divine scents and spiritual energy. Dive into the Haus of Lacye and unleash your creative spirit!

Join us in finding his mother....

Dr. Apples, LLC

Enter the whimsical world of Dr. Apples, where a simple 3ft sculpture of a Witch Doctor unraveled into a captivating multiverse. At the heart of this universe lies a profound tale of a witch doctor on a quest to find his mother, kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a mystical doll. Journey through a vibrant blend of visual art, illustrations, sculptures, and more, each piece weaving African American subculture, spiritualism, humor, and fantasy into a tapestry of imagination and fun. Ready to explore the Dr. Apples Folklore and all its enchanting shenanigans?

Making magick happen

Spellbinding Publishings, LLC

Spellbinding Publishings is Lacye's personal canvas, where imagination meets the pen, creating enchanting stories. Since writing her first novel in the 5th grade, Lacye has continued to charm the world with her articulate creativity. Today, with 50+ selections, submissions, and awards, she actively writes, judges films, and offers screenplay/TV analysis. Her journey in writing is more than a mere passion; it's a lifelong friendship.

Exploring the Creative Universe of Lacye

Unveiling the Artist, the Innovator, the Storyteller

Welcome to the personal realm of Lacye, a space that embodies the essence of creativity, innovation, and artistic expression. Here, you'll discover the multifaceted talent behind Lacye's diverse projects, from intricate visual arts to captivating storytelling. Dive into her rich bios, explore her impressive press and publications, and embark on a journey through her award-winning works. Whether you're seeking inspiration or insight into her creative process, Lacye's personal website is a treasure trove of artistic wonder and wisdom. Come explore, connect, and be inspired.