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Spiritual Bath Kit | LAB Shaman

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Spiritual Bath Kit 16oz

Immerse yourself in a soul-soothing ritual with the LAB Shaman Spiritual Bath Kit. Our unique bath soak kit provides a potent blend of natural ingredients to cleanse not only your body but also your mind and spirit.

-Spiritual Cleanse
-Remove Negative Energy
-Reset Aura
-Citrine Crystal
- NOW!!! Small Drainer included!!!
-Scent: Citrus & Mint
-Soak Kit 5x8" container 16oz

Spiritual Bath Kit = Aura Reset Bath Kit - 16oz

Life's daily challenges can often lead to accumulated negative energy. Our Spiritual Bath Kit acts as a comprehensive reset button for your aura, washing away the energy that's holding you back and giving you a fresh, positive start.

The kit features a Citrine Crystal known for its success-attracting properties, along with a new, convenient small drainer. The uplifting scent of Citrus & Mint adds a rejuvenating touch to this transformational experience.

Two Essential Variations

  1. Regular Spiritual Bath Kit: Traditional bath soak aimed at deep spiritual cleanse, aura reset, and negative energy removal.
  2. Road Opener Spiritual Bath Kit: A specialized variant designed to open pathways, break down barriers, and invite new opportunities and success.

Regular Spiritual Bath Kit

This isn't your regular bath with soap and shampoo. Our Spiritual Bath Kit offers a deeper level of cleansing, using potent, Grade A herbs, flowers, and crystals to charge the bathwater with healing vibrations. Purge the hurts, pains, and situations that aren't serving you positively anymore.

Combining Eastern and Western traditions, our bath kit aims to balance your chakras, heal the body, cleanse the soul, and clear your mind of negative thoughts and emotions.

Road Opener Spiritual Bath Kit

Kickstart your journey to transformation with our Road Opener Spiritual Bath Kit. This variant of our traditional spiritual bath kit is designed to clear life's blockages and create an energetic pathway towards your ambitions.

Whether it's a career breakthrough or personal growth you seek, the Road Opener kit facilitates your journey, inviting positive experiences and ambitions to manifest.

Perfect Gift Set

Our Bath Soak Kit comes neatly packaged in a white mesh gift bag with a card, flower, and instructions, making it a popular gift choice. Delight in the refreshing Citrus fragrance as you embark on your spiritual bath journey.

Item Type:  Bath Soak Kit