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Chinese Floor Wash | Hoodoo Tradition Protection & Cleanse | LAB Shaman

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LAB Shaman Chinese Floor Wash 8oz

Immerse yourself in the profound spiritual cleanse with LAB Shaman Chinese Floor Wash. Our potent 8oz formula goes beyond physical cleanliness, washing away spiritual negativity and bad luck while infusing your space with positivity and abundance.

Crafted from an age-old Southern recipe, our Chinese Floor Wash harmoniously blends Lemongrass, blessings, and broom straws. This concentrated solution is not watered down, maintaining the potency of its active ingredients. Each bottle carries a blessing from the original batch, preserving the vibrant and pure energy within.

The enticing scent of a Floral Meadow permeates your home, transforming it into a sweet yet sultry floral oasis. Ideal for use when moving into a new home, during the new moon, the new year, or anytime your space needs an energetic refresh.

Visible ingredients, such as a broom straw and a crystal, are added for authenticity and spiritual enhancement, with a Psalms Bible verse affixed within the label to bolster positive energy.

Key features of LAB Shaman Chinese Floor Wash:

  -  Based on Traditional Hoodoo Recipe
   - Free from water for optimal potency
  -  Includes a charged crystal that can be kept after the bottle is finished
   - Skin-safe, even for spiritual baths (we recommend performing a skin patch test before use)

This floor wash is versatile enough to cleanse not just your floors, but your body too. Mix a capful into your bath for a spiritual cleanse, or incorporate into your regular cleaning routine. Always perform a skin patch test before use.

Refresh your home and your spirit with the inviting positivity of LAB Shaman Chinese Floor Wash. Thank you for your interest, and Blessed Be!