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Citrine Crystal | Positivity, Optimism | LAB Shaman

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Citrine Crystal

Embrace the radiant glow of positivity with these exquisite Citrine Crystals. More angular than most, these Grade A, ethically-sourced stones possess a unique charm that makes them an ideal choice for collections, altars, medicine bags, jewelry making, art projects, and energy work.

Ranging in size from small (12mm-30mm) and about 3/8 to 5/8 inch long, these Citrine stones gleam with shades ranging from pale yellow to bright amber. Derived from the mineral class of quartz and enriched by traces of iron, Citrine boasts a hexagonal crystal system, with a naturally smoky or cloudy appearance.

Citrine is more than just a beautiful gem; it is a symbol of prosperity, joy, and energy. As you hold or meditate with Citrine, you'll feel a burst of bright energy and warm light embracing your soul. It's like a summer holiday that never ends, revitalizing frayed nerves and ushering in a newfound optimism.

Let these Citrine Crystals illuminate your path to success, enhance your creativity, and brighten every aspect of your life. Coming from a loving home, each Citrine Crystal has been energetically cleansed and charged. Adopt a lovely today and make this beautiful Citrine a part of your spiritual journey. You will receive a crystal similar to the one in the photo, already imbued with blessings and love.

1 Crystal per purchase