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Protection Body Spray | Travel-Friendly | Unisex | LAB Shaman

Sale price$10.99

10ml Protection Body Spray, a unique blend meticulously crafted over 6+ months to provide lasting protection for over 8 hours. A harmonious unisex scent adds allure to this spiritual armor, designed to shield you from negativity.

Expertly formulated as a water-based spray with hand-crushed herbs and oils, this protection spray is infused with energetically charged crystals to create a potent shield around you. It serves as a powerful guard against psychic attacks, negative spaces, and unwelcome energies, enveloping you in a protective aura.

Whether you're on the go, traveling, or seeking a quick cleanse of your aura, this spray offers convenience and discretion. Spray it in your hotel or Air BnB room, or even peel off the label to keep your protective practice private.

Drawing from Hoodoo, Reiki, and Shamanism, LAB Shaman has combined skill sets to create this masterpiece. A single spray lasts the entire day, enveloping you in a beautiful aromatic unisex scent that's loved by many.

Energetically Charged & Long-Lasting: Embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that you're guarded by this uniquely crafted spray, complete with hand-crushed herbs and energetically charged crystals. Enjoy the water-based, lightweight texture and transformative energy.

How to Use: One spray on your person is needed to last you the entire day. Feel free to apply it as needed to your surroundings.

Ingredients: Water base, hand-crushed herbs, essential oils, energetically charged crystals, unisex fragrance.