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Florida Water Cologne | 50 Pack Lot | Unique Favors for Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events | LAB Shaman

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Experience an aroma that's more than a fragrance - it's a memory, a statement, a piece of magic encapsulated. Introducing LAB Shaman's Signature Florida Water Cologne, a scent that is as unique as it is captivating. Infused with an energetically charged crystal and hand-crushed herbs, each 2oz bottle packs a sweet, revitalizing fragrance that's truly one-of-a-kind.


-50 count, 2 oz LAB Shaman Florida Water Spray Bottles (energetic crystal within every bottle)
-Within 'LAB' Stamped Cream Velvet Bag & Florida Water Letter
-IFRA compliant & SDS Sheet available

This pack features 50 individually-wrapped bottles, each encased in an elegant, 'LAB' stamped, cream velvet bag. And, to add to the allure, every package comes with a personalized Florida Water letter, detailing the intriguing story behind this exclusive scent.

What sets our Florida Water Cologne apart is the time-honoured crafting process. Steeped in six months of meticulous preparation, this fragrance is a testament to our creator's extensive experience in Hoodoo, Reiki, Wicca, and Shamanism. But beyond the enchanting scent lies the intention - a fragrance designed to resonate with positivity and the sweetness of life's cherished moments.

Our commitment to safety and quality is paramount. Each fragrance is IFRA compliant, ensuring adherence to the strictest international standards for fragrance safety. An SDS sheet is readily available for your assurance. Note: Due to shipping regulations, this product will be shipped ground.

The compact size and stunning presentation make these miniature colognes the ideal choice for favors at parties, weddings, or corporate events. They aren't just gifts; they're a token of appreciation, a memento that leaves a lasting impression.

Choose to be memorable, with minimal effort. Choose our LAB Shaman's Signature Florida Water Cologne. Your guests won't simply carry a favor home; they will carry a story, an experience, a piece of magic they'll be thrilled to share.