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Smudge, Cleansing & Protection Kit | 6-Pack | LAB Shaman

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6-Pack Smudge, Cleansing & Protection Kit

Experience the power of purification with the LAB Shaman 6-Pack Smudge, Cleansing & Protection Kit. This carefully curated set brings together a selection of ethically sourced sages, Palo Santo, a charged crystal, and our renowned LAB Florida Water, providing a comprehensive solution for energy cleansing and psychic protection.

Our kit includes:

  • Yerba Santa Sage: A sweetly aromatic sage used to dispel negative emotional energy.
  • Rosemary Sage: Enhances clarity, breaks witchcraft and the evil eye, and clears negative energies.
  • Palo Santo: Known for its deep healing properties, this ethically sourced wood aids in energy cleansing and stress reduction while releasing a delightful aroma.
  • White Sage infused with Dragon's Blood: An aromatic powerhouse with antibacterial properties that aids in space cleansing. The infusion of Dragon's Blood amplifies its potency.
  • White Sage, Lavender & Charged Crystal: The combination of White Sage and Lavender offers a comprehensive cleanse of negative energies and a shield for psychic protection. The addition of a charged crystal (either Citrine, Clear Quartz or Amethyst) enhances the energy.
  • LAB Florida Water (20ml): Our signature blend for cleansing and protecting energies. Derived from our oldest batch, its extra sweet scent is a delight to the senses.

Each item is lovingly wrapped and sealed in clear wrap for freshness. Our 6-Pack Smudge, Cleansing & Protection Kit is more than just a product; it's a holistic ritual experience designed with the utmost care. Please use responsibly, keep away from children and pets, and never ingest. Sold as a curio. Enjoy the journey!


*YERBA SANTA SAGE - Sweeter scent to remove negative emotional energy.

*ROSEMARY SAGE - Brings clarity, breaks witchcraft/evil eye & cleanses negative energies.

*PALO SANTO - Ethically Sourced wood for deep healing, clearing energy. Stress reducer. Lovely Palo Smell.

*WHITE SAGE IN DRAGON'S BLOOD - Used to cleanse areas & antibacterial properties. Dragon's

Blood is infused to enhance powers.

*WHITE SAGE, LAVENDER & CHARGED CRYSTAL (Either rough Citrine, Clear Quartz or Amethyst)- Cleanse negative energies, spaces, people or objects.

Lavender added for psychic protection, happiness & healing. Charged crystal to enhance energy.

*LAB FLORIDA WATER 20ML- Cleanses & Protects the energies around via charged Spray. From oldest batch. Extra sweet scent!

Wrapped w/ love to make you feel special. Each item comes sealed in clear wrap for extra freshness.

Use responsibly. Keep away from children & Pets. Never ingest. Sold as a curio.