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Money Drawing Candle | LAB Shaman

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Money Candle: Imagine a life defined by financial freedom, where money is no longer a constraint but a tool that empowers your dreams and aspirations. Let go of self-limiting beliefs and embrace the journey from victimhood to achievement with our uniquely crafted Money Candle. Whether it's for your personal use or a thoughtful gift for someone who needs this transformative energy in their life, this candle is designed to attract prosperity and abundance.

Harnessing the essence of Hoodoo, Reiki, Wicca, and Shamanism, this candle is much more than a mere object. It is a manifestation tool, imbued with the intention to draw wealth, inspire profitable ideas, and engender prosperity in your life.

Crafted with utmost love, this candle boasts soy wax, fragrant oils, hand-crushed herbs, and an energetically charged Citrine crystal, known for its potent ability to attract wealth and success.

This Money Candle holds a personal significance for me, dedicated to one of the most influential figures in my life, my godfather, Reverend Richardson. A prosperous man with a heart of gold, he was always a beacon of support and inspiration. With a life defined by success, his spirit continues to guide my journey, encouraging growth, prosperity, and a sense of accomplishment.

His aura of wealth and prosperity influenced the creation of this candle, its fragrance reminiscent of his comforting presence - a scent that smells like money. His enduring spirit, captured in the essence of this candle, is aimed at sharing his inspiring energy with you.

Burn this candle to invite not only monetary wealth but a prosperous lifestyle into your life. Ideal for new beginnings or any occasion where financial abundance is the goal, this candle serves as a potent tool to manifest your dreams of prosperity. Infused with hand-crushed herbs, a special 'money' fragrance, and an energetically charged Citrine crystal, this candle is a meticulously crafted symbol of wealth and abundance.

Please use responsibly and may this Money Candle illuminate your path to prosperity!