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Return to Sender Candle 2-pack | LAB Shaman

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In a world often burdened by negativity, we sometimes find ourselves caught in the crosshairs of misfortune, seemingly under a curse or an unnecessary streak of bad luck. Protect yourself from such adverse energy with our Return to Sender Multi-Pack Set. This powerful protection spell is designed to repel negative energy that might attempt to disrupt your peace, redirecting it back to its source. Not only can it shield you, but it can also be utilized for others in need of protection.


-You are receiving 2 -sets of  Return to Sender Candle Sets.
-You will receive a 2-Pack which includes 2- White, and 2- Black Candles
-1- Compact Mirror (Optional to use)

Included in this package are two sets of the Return to Sender Candle Set. Each set comprises two candles - a white one and a black one - embodying specific roles in this cleansing and protective process. A compact mirror, paper, and instructions are also provided to guide you through the ritual.

Purpose of the Two Candles:

The white candle, imbued with over 20 varieties of hand-crushed herbs, is purposed to cleanse you and your aura or area, purifying the space from any lingering negativity.

The black candle, equally potent with its blend of 20+ herbs, returns the negative intentions and wrongdoings back to their sender, providing you with a shield of protection.

These candles are the culmination of my experience and skills in Hoodoo, Reiki, Wicca, and Shamanism, designed to create a powerful protection ritual for you.

Understanding that time may be of the essence for you, I've included a 2-pack set, ensuring you're prepared whenever you need these candles. You can even share a set with a friend, providing them with the instructions to use it correctly.

Each candle in this set is a meticulous blend of hand-crushed herbs, energetically charged crystals, and a special charm nestled at the bottom of the candle - all explained in the accompanying instructions.

Please use this set responsibly, and may it bring you the protection and peace you deserve! Blessings to you.