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Protection and Grounding Body Oil | Earthy Palo Santos Scent | LAB Shaman

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Embrace stability and safeguard your energy with this 5ml Protection and Grounding Body Roll-On Oil, uniquely customized by LAB Shaman. Ideal for travel, work, or any situation where you seek an extra layer of protection, this oil is a discreet and potent ally.

Infused with an earthy Palo Santos scent, this roll-on oil has been expertly formulated over a year, with attention to every detail. Enriched with Vitamin E and hand-crushed herbs, it's a testament to quality and intention.

But what truly sets this oil apart are the energetically charged micro crystals within the roll bottle, enhancing its protective properties. Whether you're heading out or traveling, a dab on your wrist ensures all-day protection.

Blending expertise from Hoodoo, Reiki, Wicca, and Shamanism, this oil is a beautiful synthesis of various spiritual traditions, offering a holistic approach to grounding and healing.

How to Use: Simply roll a bit of the oil on your wrist for effortless all-day use.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, hand-crushed herbs, fragrance, Vitamin E, energetically charged micro crystals.

Energetically Charged & Ready for You: Crafted with love and intention, this oil is more than a simple blend; it's a powerful tool designed to protect and ground your energy, connecting you with ancient wisdom and modern expertise.