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Healing Candle | Energy Healing | LAB Shaman

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Embrace a soothing path to wellness with our Healing Candle, a beacon of tranquility and harmony. This unique candle serves as an on-demand Reiki session, designed to bring you serenity, clarity, and peace through the pure power of light and intention.


USES: Energetic Healing, Shadow Work, Self-Care, Meditation

SCENT: Sweet Floral

Our Healing Candle offers a holistic approach to achieving balance and promoting healing. It incorporates over 10 powerful essential oils known for their metaphysical properties, combined with therapeutic grade oils, creating a safe and wholesome healing experience.

In life, you may encounter moments of pain or feelings of blockages. Such times call for a restoration of peace, a gentle cleanse, and the loving white light of healing to envelop your aura and body. The Healing Candle is your companion in these moments. With it, you can conduct a form of a soft Reiki session, setting your intentions and meditating on the issues at hand. It's an invaluable tool for shadow work and infusing tranquility back into your life.

Blending expertise from Hoodoo, Reiki, Wicca, and Shamanism, this Healing Candle is carefully curated to serve as a pick-me-up, a tool for routine emotional maintenance, or a recharging aid. Its soothing sweet floral fragrance, both in hot and cold throws, will fill your space, creating an environment conducive to healing and relaxation.

Unleash your best self and let it thank you as you light up this Healing Candle. It's not just an option for self-care, but an insightful gift for a loved one in need of its therapeutic effects.

Ingredients: Soy wax, essential oils, hand-crushed herbs, and love.

Please use responsibly and embrace your journey to healing