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Self-Love Oil | Conjure Oil | LAB Shaman

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Our Self-Love Oil – an exquisitely curated 10ml oil designed to illuminate your path to self-appreciation and emotional healing.

Wafting the delicate scent of light rose, this oil symbolizes the soft, nurturing power of self-love. On those days when you need an emotional uplift, let our Self-Love Oil be your fragrant sanctuary, nurturing feelings of worthiness and compassion within you.

This spiritual elixir is more than an oil; it's a journey to the heart of self-care. Infused with hand-selected crystals to amplify your intentions, each drop encapsulates our unique blend of Hoodoo, Reiki, and Shamanic rituals.

Use this oil to anoint yourself, dress a candle, or add a few drops to your bath water, transforming everyday activities into soothing self-love rituals. Unveil the radiant self-love that resides within you, one drop at a time.

Delight in this divine oil, but remember, it's for external use only and not for consumption. Experience the magic of self-love today with our Self-Love Oil.

Scent: light Rose

This self love oil promotes the feeling of self-worth and compassion. Apply this product to your skin to promote feelings of self-love. Especially those days when you're feeling down.  
This oil specializes in aiding you in your self- love journey. It's filled with compassion, love, healing & happiness. Crystal(s) are in the bottle to assist in charging the intentions.

I mix my Hoodoo, Reiki & Shaman rituals to assist in designing this oil.


Use to anoint yourself, dress a candle, place a few drops into your bath water.

This curio is not for consumption.