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Protection Conjure Oil | Altars, Spells, Ceremony | LAB Shaman

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Protection oil is a spiritual solution to protect you against any negativity. Protection Oil has been created for those who want to harness higher vibrations and energy to create a protective shield around their person. It's also great for protection from psychic attacks, shielding from negative space and air, creating ones own aura or bubble of protection.

Protection Oil customized by me.  10mL

Scent: Mild Berry Musk

This oil specializes in aiding you in your  journey. I used hand crushed herbs, crystals and a blessing ritual. Crystal(s) are in the bottle to assist in charging the intentions.

I mix my Hoodoo, Reiki & Shaman rituals to assist in designing this oil.


Use to anoint yourself, protect while doing a ritual, dress a candle, place a few drops into your bath water.

This curio is not for consumption.