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Hecate / Hekate Oil | Honor | LAB Shaman

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Honor the divine power of the Goddess of witches, Hecate, with our specially formulated Hecate Oil. This unique 10mL concoction captures the enchantment of a Light Moon fragrance, encapsulating the essence of protection and spiritual guidance.

Hecate / Hakate  Oil
Size: 10 ml - in signature skull bottle
Scent: Light Moon fragrance.

Our Hecate Hakate Oil is not merely a product, but a journey I've embarked on, with a personal connection so strong that it is etched in the form of a tattoo on my thigh. Each bottle is infused with the energies of hand-crushed herbs and crystals, complemented by a dedicated blessing ritual. The crystals within each bottle continuously energize the oil, enhancing its purpose.

Blending the powerful rituals of Hoodoo, Reiki, and Shamanism, I've personally designed this oil to serve as an aide on your spiritual path. Use this sacred curio to anoint yourself, as protection during rituals, to dress a candle, or add a few drops into your bath water for an immersive experience.

Indulge in the rich heritage of Hecate / Hakate Oil and embrace the protection it provides. Please remember, this oil is a curio and is not meant for consumption. Enjoy the journey of transformation it offers

This curio is not for consumption.