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Shifting Sands Oil | Conjure Oil | Change | LAB Shaman

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Shifting Sands' Conjure Oil, meticulously crafted to serve as a catalyst for change in your life. Enveloped in a universally appealing light scent, this 10ml potion is housed in a glass bottle with a dropper for efficient usage.

Conjure Oil:  Shifting Sands
Intentions:  Create Change
Scent: Light- Universal
Uses: Altars, Spells, Anoint Body, Spiritual Baths, used as offerings
Ingredients: Herbs, Crystals & Almond Oil.
Size: 10ml Glass bottle w/ Dropper

This potent blend is a culmination of over seven months of meticulous work, utilizing traditional hoodoo recipes and a shaman skillset. Each bottle is filled with hand-crushed, high-quality herbs and energetic micro-crystals, symbolizing the gradual transformation akin to shifting sands.

Our Conjure Oils hark back to early spiritual and religious traditions where anointing oils played a pivotal role in rituals, healings, initiations, and ceremonies. Today, we embrace these roots, continuing to use oils to amplify our intentions, ignite our emotions, and navigate the paths to our desires.

The 'Shifting Sands' Conjure Oil, in particular, is your ally when seeking a shift in life's course. It's designed to stir the sands of stagnancy, ushering in waves of progress and improvement. Use it to anoint your body, incorporate it into your spiritual baths, enrich your altar or spellwork, or as an offering to the divine.

Bring home this unique blend of 'Shifting Sands' Conjure Oil today and embrace the power to alter the currents in your life. Remember, like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Let's make them count!

I am so excited to finally share with you my 7+ month workings: LAB Shaman Conjure Oils.
Use my Shaman skillset & traditional hoodoo recipe. We hand crush herbs used for every bottle. We use high-quality grade herbs.  Your bottle will contain some herbs and small crystals included in the bottle.

****************ABOUT OILS***************

Oils play a key factor in ceremonial rituals. In early religious and spiritual traditions, oil was used to anoint the body for baptism, healing from illnesses, becoming initiated into tradition or religion, and during marriage and other rituals. In rootwork tradition today, we continue to use oils for the same purposes. They also help to give more power to achieving our intentions that we desire. Each essential oil has a unique fragrance that activates whatever emotions we’re feeling and any desires we have (#1).

*******************SHIFTING SANDS**************************
Shifting sands oil is used when a change is needed. It alters the flow to cause improvement in your life.


Sold as a curio under LAB Shaman, LLC.
All of our conjure oils are sold as curios only. We make no claims and offer no guarantees. Conjure, rootwork, or magic is personal and unique to the individual seeking to tap into the energy flow of the universe. You only get out of it what you put in. We are simply providing tools to help you direct the energy you already have inside of yourself.