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Money Drawing Oil | Wealth, Fast Money, Prosperity | LAB Shaman

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Money Drawing Oil is a potent blend of essential oils  & 30+ herbs that has been designed to bring about financial abundance and security. It has been made for those who seek to bring in wealth, financial success to improve business in general.

Money Drawing Oil 10mL
Scent: Light cotton

Is money your primary concern, or are you struggling to find a job? Are you looking for more wealth or better financial prospects? Look to focusing your energies with Money Oil.

Be specific when setting intentions.

This oil specializes in aiding you in your  journey. I used Crystals and over 20 hand crushed herbs, and a blessing ritual. Crystal(s) are in the bottle to assist in charging the intentions.

I mix my Hoodoo, Reiki & Shaman rituals to assist in designing this oil.


Use to anoint yourself, protect while doing a ritual, dress a candle, place a few drops into your bath water.

This curio is not for consumption.