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Freyr | God Oil | Fertility and Abundance | LAB Shaman

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Freyr (Yngvi) God Oil: 10ml Divine Conjure Oil

USES: Body, Altar, Room, Spiritual/Wicca practices, Honor God
SCENT: Signature Freyr - A vibrant fusion of citruses, reminiscent of the God of fertility and abundance.

Invoke the benevolent energy of Freyr, the Norse God of fertility and abundance, with our Freyr, God Oil, a 10ml elixir meticulously crafted to connect you with the essence of prosperity, growth, and natural bounty. As you anoint with this divine oil, you tap into the spirit of Freyr, who is celebrated for his ability to bring forth abundance and blessings.

Our Freyr, God Oil is a unique blend of custom Freyr herbs and energetically charged crystals, carefully chosen to resonate with Freyr's domains. Citrusy and vibrant, its scent mirrors the God's association with fertility and the lush harvest. This oil is the ideal companion for manifestation, abundance rituals, and spiritual practices dedicated to invoking Freyr's blessings.

Use this sacred oil to anoint your body, ritual tools, candles, or sacred space during your ceremonies and rituals dedicated to Freyr. It can also serve as a potent addition to your spiritual baths or altar offerings. Each drop carries the vital energy of Freyr, empowering you to channel his abundant essence into your life, promoting growth and prosperity on all levels.

Before applying to your skin, please perform a patch test to ensure compatibility, and remember that this oil is for external use only. Always approach your spiritual practices with respect and reverence.

Embrace the vitality of Freyr and invite the spirit of prosperity into your spiritual journey with our Freyr, God Oil.

This curio is not for consumption.