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Clear Quartz | Clarity, Enhance Energy | LAB Shaman

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Clear Quartz Crystal

Embrace the illuminating power of Clear Quartz, a beacon of clarity and strength for your spiritual life. Coming from a loving home, each of these beautiful B grade, tumbled Quartz Crystals has been energetically cleansed and charged, ready to resonate with your unique energy. Adopt a lovely today and make this mesmerizing Clear Quartz a part of your spiritual journey.

These radiant Quartz Crystals are clear, filled with inclusions, bubbles, and a few indents, giving each stone a unique character. You will receive a random medium-sized crystal, bursting with energy and ready to enhance every aspect of your life.

Known for its amplifying properties in radios, Clear Quartz extends its amplification to personal energy and clarity as well. Acting as a mirror, it reflects your spiritual purpose and the truth of who you are. Let this stone guide you to raise the vibration in your own life and positively impact those around you.

Clear Quartz, also referred to as crystal quartz or Rock Crystal, is a blend of oxygen and silicone atoms, aligned in the trigonal crystal system, and glistening with a vitreous luster. Its transparent and clear-to-white coloring speaks of purity, healing, and spiritual growth.

Choose Clear Quartz to guide you on a path of enlightenment, to bring clarity to your thoughts, and to act as a powerful ally in your spiritual journey. With this stone by your side, you can reach new heights and unlock the vast potential that lies within.

1 Crystal per purchase