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Self Love Luxurious Candle | Pamper yourself | LAB Shaman

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Celebrate the most beautiful relationship you'll ever have - the one with yourself. Our Self-Love Luxury Candle is designed to help you connect with your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual selves, and find that perfect balance within. It's your at-home retreat that reminds you of the importance of self-love and care.

SELF-LOVE LUXURY CANDLE USES: Self-Care, Emotional Healing, Negative Energy Removal, Spiritual Cleansing SCENT: Floral and Mint

Bask in the revitalizing aroma of floral and mint. The candle's invigorating scent profile uplifts your senses, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and joy. As the wax melts, it releases the scent, filling your surroundings with comforting warmth and a subtle hint of luxury.

The key to the unique potency of our Self-Love Candle lies in its thoughtfully curated ingredients. Made from 100% soy wax, the candle is infused with custom hand-crushed herbs known for their purifying properties. We've also incorporated a Grade A, energetically charged Rose Quartz crystal - a gemstone synonymous with unconditional love and positive energy.

Designed to cleanse negativity and restore balance, this candle is an embodiment of self-love and healing. It's a soft reminder that routine self-care isn't just essential, but also a deeply rewarding practice. Light it up to manifest your intentions of self-love or gift it to a loved one to spread the joy of self-care.

Whether you need a pick-me-up, routine maintenance, or a moment of self-appreciation, our Self-Love Luxury Candle is here for you. Enjoy the captivating aroma and the heartwarming energy it brings. Your best self will indeed thank you!

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, essential oils, hand-crushed herbs, Rose Quartz crystal, and love.