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House Blessing Kit | Housewarming Gift | LAB Shaman

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House Blessing Kit: Cleanse and Bless Your Home - An Exceptional Housewarming Gift

Welcome to Your New Space!

Embrace the joy of a new beginning with LAB Shaman's House Blessing Kit. Crafted to cleanse your space, remove negative energy, and infuse your home with positivity, our unique kit helps you establish your personal energy in your home, creating an ambiance of peace, warmth, and harmony.



  • Handcrafted with Integrity: Every item, from the ethically sourced 3+ inch California white sage to the candles with hand-crushed herbs, reflects our dedication to quality and care.


  • Custom IFRA Compliant Fragrance: Our candles are infused with a unique fragrance that enhances the sensory experience, offering both cold and hot fragrance throws.


  • Blessing Oil: Over 6 months in the making, our custom blend of blessing oil has been blessed and charged for a truly spiritual connection.


  • Sustainable Packaging: Your kit is elegantly housed in a reusable, hand-stained wooden box, reflecting our commitment to the Earth.


  • Safety First: Though our sage and candles invite spiritual connection, please remember to handle them with care and observe all fire safety precautions.


  • 3+ inch small California White Sage: Ethically sourced, ready to cleanse and purify.
  • Blessing Oil: A lovingly created blend. (Please do a skin patch test for allergens if planning to utilize oil on the body.)
  • Protection Candle (2oz) & Home Blessing Candle (2oz): Enhanced with herbs and charged crystals, scented with a custom IFRA compliant fragrance.
  • Reusable Stained Wooden Box: A beautiful and practical keepsake.

 Your Spiritual Journey Awaits: Detailed instructions are included in your kit to guide you safely through the process, ensuring a meaningful and enriching experience.

 Perfect for Gifting: If you're seeking a thoughtful housewarming present, this meticulously curated kit comes gift-ready, destined to delight and inspire.

Embrace the Power of Positive Energy with LAB Shaman's House Blessing Kit – Order Today!