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God Freyr Candle | Honor Yngvi | LAB Shaman

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GOD FREYR CANDLE USES: Rituals, Manifestation, Norse God Worship, Altar, Meditation 

- Purpose: Elevate your rituals and spiritual practices with the energy of Freyr—Norse God of abundance, fertility, and peace.

  - Available Sizes: 8 oz and 4 oz options for your convenience.

  - Scent Profile: Bright, zesty citrus with a fruity undertone, enhanced by a custom blend of over 20 hand-crushed herbs.

  - Special Additions: 

  - Energetically Charged Citrine Crystal: Manifest abundance and clear negativity.

  - Gold Flakes: Symbolize Freyr's association with wealth and prosperity.

 - Usage: Ideal for rituals, Norse God worship, altar decor, and meditation.

  - Ingredients: 100% soy wax, custom-blended essential oils, Citrine crystal, gold flakes, and love.

Step into the abundant and life-affirming energy of the Norse God Freyr with our lovingly crafted God Freyr Candle. Hand-poured and meticulously infused with intention, this candle serves as a potent symbol of Freyr's enduring qualities of fertility, prosperity, and peace.

The aroma of our God Freyr Candle is invigorating, bringing a bright, zesty citrus scent that fills the air, punctuated by a fruity undertone that adds depth and complexity. The fragrance captures the God's essence, invoking peace, abundance, and connection to nature, making each candle a spiritual experience.

Enhancing the candle's energetic potency is a Citrine crystal, known for its qualities of manifesting abundance and clearing negativity. Each Citrine crystal is energetically charged to resonate with Freyr's vibrant energy, adding a touch of celestial magic to your spiritual practices.

As a crowning touch, gold flakes adorn the top of the candle, mirroring Freyr's association with wealth and prosperity, making it not just a candle, but a holistic tool for inviting divine blessings into your life.

Light this candle to honor Freyr during your rituals, spiritual practices, or moments of peaceful contemplation. As the flame burns and the unique scent permeates your sanctuary, the abundant and harmonious energies of Freyr will envelop your space.

Remember, the God Freyr Candle is more than a feast for the senses; it's a powerful ally for connecting with the divine. Please use it mindfully and relish the spiritually enriching journey it offers.