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Selenite, Small Crystal | Peace, Clarity | LAB Shaman

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Embrace Tranquility with Selenite:
Introducing the ethereal charm of Selenite. Its pure white and clear appearance resonates with calming energy, making it an ideal companion to release stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue. Whether you display it in your living room or bedroom, Selenite exudes a serene vibe, transforming your space into a haven of peace.


    SIZE: Approximately 2" width, 0.25" thickness
    COLOR: White/Clear
    ORIGIN: Ethically Sourced

Multiple Uses:
Selenite's versatility extends from altars to rooms, adding a touch of whimsy and spirituality to your surroundings. Its fragile nature lends itself to creativity – like being finely crushed and blended into paint for wall protection.

Energetically Charged & Ready to Adopt:
You will receive one energetically charged Selenite crystal per order, infused with vibrations that harmonize with your personal energy. This sacred stone awaits to become part of your spiritual journey, offering clarity, peace, and spiritual elevation.

A Spectrum of Spiritual Advantages:
While scientific validation might not fully endorse Selenite's powers, many users and believers have attributed the following transformative qualities to this mesmerizing crystal:

    Instills a Sense of Calm: Helps in fostering a peaceful environment, soothing the mind and spirit.
    Enhances Mental Clarity: Aids in clear thinking, allowing for focused thoughts and decision-making.
    Purges Blocked Energies: Acts as a cleanser, clearing obstacles and releasing trapped energies.
    Lifts the Spirit: Encourages an uplifting atmosphere, elevating mood and feelings of well-being.
    Boosts Intuitive Abilities: Known to heighten intuition, paving the way for greater spiritual insight.
    Serves as a Space Purifier: Recognized for its ability to cleanse a space from negative energies and vibrations.
    Resonates at a High Frequency: Vibrates at a remarkable level, believed to facilitate spiritual connection.
    Cultivates Unity and Friendship: Promotes a sense of community and connection among those around it.
    Magnifies Manifestation Abilities: Helps in amplifying intentions, aiding in the realization of dreams and goals.

Your Crystal Healer:
Selenite's delicate vibration has been described as one of the most powerful in the universe, promoting an aura of peace and calm. Crystal healer Samantha Jayne lauds Selenite for its unique ability to restore tranquility wherever it resides.

As each crystal is unique, you will receive a similar crystal to the one shown in the photo. All crystals have been blessed and charged, ready to resonate with your unique energy.