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Isis Candle | Honor | LAB Shaman

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Embrace the wisdom and nurturing power of the revered Egyptian Goddess Isis with our meticulously crafted Isis Candle. Hand-poured with intention, this candle serves as a radiant symbol of the divine energy and protective essence that Isis embodies.

ISIS CANDLE USES: Spiritual/Wicca Practices, Goddess Worship, Altar Decor, Meditation SCENT: Signature Isis - Fresh Lemon, Lush Rose, Mystical Myrrh, and Sandalwood

The Isis Candle features a unique blend of invigorating top notes of fresh lemon, signifying the goddess's divine purity. As the scent unfolds, a heart of lush rose embodies Isis's deep, motherly love. The fragrance narrative concludes with base notes of mystical myrrh and sandalwood, capturing Isis's profound wisdom and magic.

Adding to the spiritual potency of our candle is an energetically charged Clear Quartz crystal. Known for its properties of amplification and clarity, the crystal's presence enhances your connection with Isis's energy, adding a touch of the mystical to your everyday.

Light this candle to honor Isis during your spiritual practices, rituals, or moments of quiet meditation. As the flame dances and the scent fills your space, you'll invite the energy of Isis into your presence, enveloping your environment with her divine, nurturing essence.

Remember, the Isis Candle is not merely an aromatic delight but also a tool for spiritual connection. Please use it responsibly and enjoy the journey it paves.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, essential oils, Clear Quartz crystal, and love