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Hematite Crystal | Protection, Grounding | LAB Shaman

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Introducing our exquisite Hematite Crystal, the shield of your well-being, lovingly handpicked for its spiritual and protective qualities. This lustrous and weighty gem will not only accentuate your collection but also act as a daily reminder of your inner strength and value.

Your Personal Guardian:

  • Strength & Courage: Hematite enhances mental clarity, focus, and analytical thinking, filling you with courage, reliability, and confidence.
  • Grounding & Protection: Deeply connected to the earth, it provides balance, stability, and a sense of security, guiding you through life's challenges.
  • Healing Energies: Known for endurance and vitality, this stone revitalizes your energies and keeps you centered.

Uniqueness in Every Stone:

  • Size: Around 0.75" or bigger, you will receive one similar to the photo.
  • Appearance: This heavy, glossy hematite showcases colors that reflect light beautifully, making it a striking addition to your collection.
  • Mineral Composition: Hematite is a mineral of iron oxide with the chemical formula Fe2O3, found in various regions including Brazil, South Africa, and China.

Caring for Your Hematite:

  • Recharge: Place your crystal outside during a full moon night to soak up lunar energy.
  • Caution: Hematite should never be placed in water, as it may affect its integrity.
  • Loving Home: Coming from a loving home, each crystal has been energetically cleansed and charged. Adopt this beautiful hematite today and make it a part of your spiritual journey.

A Symbol of Power: Hematite, derived from the Greek word 'Haimatos', meaning 'blood', has been used for centuries as a protective talisman. Whether you are seeking healing, protection, or simply a unique piece for your collection, this hematite crystal is a meaningful choice.

Embrace the Power of Hematite: Let this hematite crystal be your companion on your spiritual journey, reflecting your unique essence and fortifying your resolve. Experience the grounding embrace of Hematite and unlock your true potential today.

You will receive 1 Crystal per purchase.