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Hecate / Hakate Cologne | Atlar | LAB Shaman

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Step into the mystical realm with our Hecate Goddess Mystical Cologne, a unique spiritual blend crafted to honor Hecate, the Greek Goddess of Witches and Witchcraft. Infused with a refreshing, citrusy aroma, this cologne not only empowers but uplifts your spirit, making every use a sensory delight.

Hecate Spray Cologne
USES: Body, Altar, Room, Spiritual/Wicca practices, Honor Goddess
SCENT: Signature hecate- refreshing, citrusy aroma w/ aged aged woods & herbs

Whether you're seeking to call upon Hecate's guidance, honor her presence, or create a sacred space for your rituals, this cologne is an excellent companion. It is made with the same hand-crushed herbs, crystals, and blessings used in our beloved Hecate candles and oils. The blend of Hoodoo, Reiki, and Shaman rituals ensures each spray carries powerful intentions.

Just like the Goddess herself, this cologne embodies empowerment, protection, and spiritual connection. Use it to anoint yourself before rituals, cleanse your space, or simply carry the protective and empowering essence of Hecate with you throughout your day. With each spritz, you'll be reminded of your strength, wisdom, and the powerful Goddess within you.

This unique perfume embodies a lively symphony of sun-kissed citrus, highlighting notes of invigorating lemon, zesty orange, and a hint of tangy grapefruit. Woven into these sparkling citrus elements is an intriguing undercurrent that adds warmth and complexity. This unexpected note, reminiscent of rich leather and aged wood, instills a sense of nostalgic sophistication, evoking imagery of sun-soaked, antique libraries and the crisp pages of cherished books. The perfume's finish is subtly earthy, grounding the vivacious citrus with a comforting, well-rounded depth that lingers beautifully on the skin.

Step into the spiritual journey with Hecate's empowering presence and let the invigorating citrusy scent awaken your senses!
Please note: This product is not for consumption. As with all spiritual products, please use responsibly. IFRA Compliant. SDS Sheet coming soon!