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Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal | Self-Improvement | LAB Shaman

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The Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal is not just a product; it's the heart and soul of LAB Shaman. With each piece embodying a unique journey of self-improvement and healing, it's no wonder that it's our mascot.


Why Choose Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal?

A Catalyst for Healing: Known as powerful healers, Phantom Quartz Crystals activate your innate healing abilities, reveal the underlying reasons behind illnesses, and guide you towards achieving your goals.

A Path to Inner Growth: Encouraging the expression of thoughts and feelings, these crystals help you to understand and accept complex concepts, release anger, and find tranquility.

 A Symphony of Colors: Each crystal is transparent with a chalky hue, often found inside. The color will vary, reflecting the specific type of Phantom Crystal you receive.


Healing Properties for Each Color Variation:

**Amethyst: Accesses your life's plan and purpose.

**Chlorite (Green): Removes unwanted energy, inspires clarity, strength, and spiritual development.

**Black: Grounds energy, fosters acceptance, and helps with difficult situations.

**Orange: Stimulates visualization and aids spleen conditions.

**Pink: Erases feelings of abandonment, stimulates the Heart Chakra, and encourages perseverance.

**Red: Enhances creativity, intellect, and intuition.

**Smokey: Connects with your soul group and attracts like-minded individuals.

**Yellow: Stimulates intellect, clarity, and maximizes the healing powers of the crystals.

Energetically Charged & Ready for You:

Crafted with love and intention, this crystal is more than a mere stone; it's a powerful tool designed to protect and ground your energy. It connects you with ancient wisdom and modern expertise, bringing spiritual harmony into your life.

 What's Included:

One Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal: Sizes vary, chosen randomly to resonate with your unique energy and needs.

 The LAB Shaman Promise:
Your Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal comes energetically charged and ready to support your journey. Whether you're looking for physical healing, emotional clarity, or spiritual growth, this uniquely crafted crystal awaits you.

 Embrace the Transformational Power of LAB Shaman's Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal – Order Today!