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Assorted Smudge Sticks | Spiritual Cleanse | LAB Shaman

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Embark on a sensory and spiritual journey with our Assorted Smudge Sticks. Crafted from ethically sourced Sage, each smudge stick is carefully sealed to maintain freshness, ready to purify your space and rejuvenate your soul. Select from a variety of options, each infused with a unique essence:

  • Dragon's Blood Dipped: A powerful and mystical blend.
  • Blue Sage: Bold and fragrant, our strongest scent.
  • Rosemary Sage: Earthy with a touch of herbal elegance.
  • White Sage, Ladr & Cys: A harmonious trinity of cleansing.
  • Yerba Santa Sage: Gentle and spiritually uplifting.

Whether it's to rebalance energies after hosting guests or to cleanse your home after a bustling day, our smudge sticks are your perfect companion. I personally turn to them when my surroundings feel weighed down, or my children come home bearing the energies of the outside world.

Each stick offers a unique experience, and they are not just tools but companions in maintaining a serene, balanced living environment. Enjoy the ritual of smudging and let the fragrant smoke clear the path to tranquility and positivity.

Adopt one of these lovingly prepared smudge sticks today, and infuse your life with the ancient wisdom of cleansing and renewal.