Story of Lacye A. Brown

In Atlanta, GA, my youth was a tumultuous time making Art a healthy outlet. My fifth grade teacher saw my writing potential, made me finish my assignments within two hours; afterwards, I spent the day writing and completed my first novel.
Publicly, I tried to depict a “normal” lifestyle but after school, I squatted on couches, dorm rooms and hotels with my mother. I graduated and attended college, withdrew, married and had children; seeking my ideal version of “normalcy.”
The marriage was anything but normal. I divorced and was left with three young children, and no support. I realized no one was going to save me but myself. I went from nothing to art gigs, to Corporate employment. The time of uncertainty developed a newfound fortitude and a spiritual awakening for me. Normalcy was an illusion; I wanted authenticity.
I traveled globally for work; being introduced to Shamanism, Munay-ki, Ayahuascha, Reiki, Hoodoo, Pendulums and more. I left Corporate & opened, LAB Shaman, LLC, a Metaphysical Shop where I incorporate all of my lessons, attunements & spiritual gifts to help others along their spiritual growth journey. After becoming my authentic self, I have no desire to ever be “normal” again.
I understand what it feels like to be Alone -yet alone and go about a Spiritual Journey solo.
I don’t believe you have to take the long road as I did. LAB Shaman is here to help assist you on your journey towards being the highest version of yourself. So, let’s grow together.