What is LAB Shaman LLC?

LAB SHAMAN is about healing yourself through self-love from a holistic-spiritual approach. 

LAB- are my initials. SHAMAN- means healer. 

LAB Shaman specializes in equipping one’s self for spiritual growth, wellness and travel related to spiritual influences. 


Who is LAB Shaman?

In Atlanta, GA, Lacye’s youth was a tumultuous time making Art her healthy outlet. Her fifth grade teacher saw her writing potential, made Lacye finish her assignments within two hours; afterwards, Lacye spent the day writing and completed her first novel.

Publicly, Lacye depicted a “normal” lifestyle but after school, she squatted on couches, dorm rooms and hotels with her mother. She graduated and attended college, withdrew, married and had children; seeking her ideal version of “normalcy.”

The marriage was anything but normal. She divorced and was left with three young children, and no support. Lacye realized no one was going to save her but herself. She went from nothing to art gigs, to Corporate employment. The time of uncertainty developed a newfound fortitude and a spiritual awakening for her. Normalcy was an illusion; she wanted authenticity.

She traveled globally for work; being introduced to Shamanism, Munay-ki, Ayahuascha, Reiki, Hoodoo, and more. Lacye left Corporate & opened, LAB Shaman, LLC, a Metaphysical Shop where she incorporates all of her lessons, attunements & spiritual gifts help others along their spiritual growth journey. After becoming her authentic self, Lacye has no desire to ever be “normal” again.




I have received training in various techniques. Listed below are just a few of my certifications, training and specilizations:

  1. IATA (Travel)

  2. Munay Ki Rites (Attunement)

  3. Dowsing/ Pendelum

  4. Shamanisim

  5. Hoodoo Practicing

  6. Wicca

  7. Tarot

  8. Astral Projection

  9. Distant Healing

  10. Dreams (a fascinating topic for me)

  11. Candles

  12. Energy Healing

  13. Crystals

  14. Usui Reiki Master

  15. Buddhism Through Scriptures

  16. Healing via Arts

  17. Art Therapy

  18. Magic in the Middle Ages

  19. Food & Health (Nutrition)

  20. Intuitive practices

  21. Clairvoyant

  22. Clairgognizant

  23. Clairaudient

  24. Empath

  25. Karuna Reiki Master

  26. Ordained Minister

  27. Quantum Reiki Master