New York in a few minutes. It deserves more.

New York in a few minutes

It was around 6am and my comrades and I left Atlanta in the dark. We arrived into New York just at the daylight arose. We were here, New York. It was cold. God, it was cold. Being from Atlanta, our definition of cold isn’t New York’s definition. The cab ride took around an hour and a half to cut through traffic to arrive to the Plaza hotel.

The plaza smelled of my favorite, Casablanca lilies. It also had a distinct hue of old money to it. The room was beautiful. We sat our things down. We had tickets to the MOMA art museum. We were complacent. It was f-ing cold! We digress. Onward to the museum. We needed some culture in our lives. 

We tried to enter into the MOMA as if we had sticks up our asses. We wanted to appear regal. We did what they all do on Instagram photos shoots, pose as if we’re acting natural and knowing what we are looking at. Those sticks quickly evaporated by climbing up the stars to floor 2. Floor 2 was nice. I had not heard of many of these artists. I was familiar with the images however. *shrugs*

BTW, walking down the streets of New York, I saw so many beautiful men. Beautiful men in suits. Here. There. Everywhere.  The beauty.  America. God Blessed it.


We were finally smart enough to find the elevators. We decided to  jump to floor 5. The guys ventured their own way or so it felt this way. I saw a girl standing at what seemed like a blank space on a white wall. Intrigued, I walked straight to her. Her gaze never left the mark. I turned around to see what she was looking at. “Holy, Shit, it’s Starry Night! THE Starry Night!?!?!” This was said in my mind but I suppose was apparent by my facial expression. Before I could say anything out of my mouth she said, “Yeah, it’s Van Goughs. I had to walk by twice to make sure I saw this for real. This is my second time.” Well, it was beautiful. They had a security guard there. The guys egged me on to get closer to take a photo but I felt like a giddy young girl with a crush on the senior from high school. I was too shy. This was a dream for an artist to experience. At least for me. The texture. The colors, are as real as they appear to be. A little smaller than I expected but I didn’t care. I was feet away from van gough’s masterpiece. An artist I resonated and adored. I understood his crazy. What seemed like eons, I finally left Starry Night with a photo. I couldn’t even look at the camera. Nerd.

On the same floor were Picassos, Matiss, Monets. Oh. My. God! I couldn’t even. I felt so privileged to be surrounded by such masterpieces. It created a desire for me to seek out other wonders of art around the world. It was truly an honor.

We walked down the stairs to find to our amazements, Pollock’s, Rothko, Jasper Johns and Warhol’s. So I don’t remember finding Warhol’s in my journey. I was so geeked up however, I was probably right next to it and my eyes looked like an excited anime character.   Down to one more floor.

Floor 3 was absolutely beautiful. Fashion is an art form. It should be respected, adored and loved by those with a creative heart. This friggin floor had the history of fashion. The style, the clothing from countless decades, pierced my heart.  I honestly could live at the MOMA.  I’m going to digress now.

After buying a souvenir, we walked around New York. We couldn’t figure out what we wanted to eat so we opted to eat at a local pizza place. It was good. We headed back to the Plaza for a rest to prepare ourselves for the next day. On the way home, we were invited to sit at TRL the next day. I told the guys to go. I wanted to walk shop and be merry.

The next day arrived. I can’t remember what time the boys and I began our journey into the Big Apple but we were off to Radio City. Along the way, I took photos of the various places. We were like kids with the attention span of squirrels with no chaperones so the places are not in order. We saw Trump hotel. It was being guarded by too many officers. Rockefeller Center, Broadway, St. Patrick Cathedral, we went. There was no order, we were so excited to find another landmark we were familiar with, we kept walking and turning around. We eventually arrived at Times Square. We ate at of all places, Chili’s. We were not impressed. It was our fault.


PSX_20180123_201200 (1).jpg

We ventured into numerous shopping centers and daylight dissolved. We were by the Theater District and still like little squirrels, ventured out some more. We ended up at Central Park, at the dark, enjoying the scenery, shopping and breathing the New York air.

We ended our evening with drinks at the Plaza. We had our first Manhattan. It seemed fitting. Sorry, I don’t remember the taste. It was alcohol. I had to leave early for my flight to Cali early the next morning so I left the partying to the guys while I went to bed like a responsible adult.

All-in-all, New York was beautiful for the short time I visited. I plan on going back and investing more time in the MOMA. Had I known, I would have allowed more time in New York but my goal was to experience all parts of California into my limited vacation time. Until then….

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