Manifesting & The process of me changing my view on divine timing


 I am a healer. I’ve been put on this earth for that. Many view healing as they do in movies: where a shaman lifts his hands, music comes from the bottom left hand corner with stereo surround sound, then sparkles and ooh-and-ahhs and magic happens. No. healing begins by sitting beside your friend you haven’t seen in a while, smiling at them and giving them a great big-ole-hug. Spending time with them and making them feel important by listening to them when they speak. Laughing with them and supporting them in their passions.


I teach manifestation a well. I was born with this ability. From my youngest of ages, I remember planning out a script, a scenario of a boy I liked. Where he would approach me, what he would say right before he kissed me. I replayed this scenario over and over until I knew it would happen. Wouldn't you know it, after a soccer game, that’s exactly what happened!


I was convinced I knew magick. Ha! I was fucking magical.


Since that time, I've grown, learned, lived and i manifest things without trying too hard and i have tried hard and manifested, didn’t like it and then other times, I have what I considered, failed.


I have a difficult time with failure. I rarely view it as a lesson worth learning but a roadblock. No one is perfect. I divorced 4 years ago. I began changing what I didn't like about myself. Along with this, another self-discovery in the form of a spiritual awakening happened for me. I taught myself how to manifest. I have had a plethora of success stories:


1.      Telling manager i would visit London, Paris & Tokyo. I did three months later

2.      Getting another job a week before the other job shutdown

3.      Getting a brand new car to drive without being hustled

4.      Removing toxic people out of my life.


I’ve had so many grand, high successes, I forget when things do not manifest, it’s not me indicative of failing but a detour for something better. I forget that often regarding my romantic life.


Along with a plethora of things I am trying to do, I am trying to move out of state and cultivate the greatest romantic love of my life.


I am trying to manifest this into my physical life but my fucking subconscious is at odds with me. Fuck!


Well, that’s the purpose of this miniseries: I am going to change my subconscious, to help manifest this precious man into my physical life. I’ve wanted him since I could imagine. Click here for all the lovey-dovey shit. Back to business.


Tomorrow is 11/11/18. I recently consulted with a psychic/healer I trust and I realize there are a few things I need to change about my subconscious to remove, alter and reprogram. This is a journey I usually take on my own and I have been successful at it numerous times. I would like to share this with you.


Am I deathly afraid about not having this manifest into my life. If so, why? I will explore all of this so you can learn how to cultivate whatever it is you desire but you feel a road block around you. Tomorrow, I will begin the manifestation process and positive affirmations. Learn from me. Grow with me and enjoy this journey b/c you watching me go through it. :)




  1. State what you desire.

  2. State how you feel about that happening

  3. Do you feel like it can happen?

  4. Why/Why not?

  5. Have you pin-pointed out what it is that you feel is preventing you from this goal?

  6. What can you do to produce this desire

  7. Daily affirmations.

  8. Let.That.Shit. Go!