Destin, FL: Beautiful Beach & A Plantation worth remembering

It was March of 2017,

I had been to many parts of Florida (it was my neighboring state) but never to Destin, FL. It was about 8 hour drive and I had no expectation of what I would encounter. Overall, it was a beautiful and educational experience.

On the Road Again

The drive was entertaining enough. I like to point out the fun part of driving from Georgia to Florida are the billboards. If you take them too seriously, you’ll enter Florida enraged so don’t. The first night consisted of enjoying the newly opened hotel, The Residence Inn.  I managed to walk along the Crystal Sand beach at night. It sounds romantic and cute but you can’t see the shards –I mean the seashells piercing through your feet. The tidal waves are pretty strong as well. Walking along, in the dark with my companion, was one of the firs times I felt like a tourist and I probably would NEVER  go anywhere properly protected again.

2017-03-29 10.39.37.jpg

I found the Fountain of Youth!

A new day approached and it was time to venture out! I visited the Fountain of Youth. I remember visiting that place when I was very young. It appeared it was stuck in that time period as well. It was a vague and brief experience. I walked around to find nothing but beautiful peacocks. Some were even stuck on the roofs of buildings, squawking. I’m not sure how they get down; too short of a day to find out. I was on to Kingsley Plantation.

2017-03-29 16.16.02.jpg

A Plantation worth remembering

The drive is beautiful. It’s remote and the road to drive there is very narrow and one hopes another car going the opposite direction isn’t headed your way. Eventually we arrived there. The law was perfectly manicured. You could see the ocean from far off. Peacocks roamed the area. They were just as beautiful as anywhere else.  I have enclosed a PDF of the grounds. 

What amazed me were how small, short the kitchen house was. It was small and simple. The slave houses were bricks of nothing. The remains still held their ground but you couldn’t imagine how a human could function is these quarters. I suppose you had to focus on love and the community. It was enough for one day. Driving back to the hotel, the scenery was just as beautiful. You could hear the monkeys from afar. That’s how I liked them as well, afar.

2017-03-30 11.10.42.jpg

Crystal Sands Beach

The following day, we spent the day at the beach. It wasn’t too hot, crowded nor too cold. We fell asleep for a few hours. We wanted to sleep longer but looking at the seagulls, they were becoming a bit aggressive at beach goers who were feeding them. We wanted no part of the kamikaze strike so we left to enjoy the rest of the evening eating out.

2017-03-30 14.00.36.jpg


Uhhh….the food isn’t the best. I would say the fast food was enough to tie you over for the next fast food location. This was one of my first experiences traveling so knowing how to eat away, aka fruit wasn’t my best friend yet.

Time to go!

The drive was beautiful. You didn’t get as many billboards on the way back. The goal was to find the best boiled peanut stand around. I found a few. Meh. I’ll go back to Georgia. Overall, Destin, FL was a beautiful place to visit. I enjoyed the experience for what it’s worth.

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