Hello. I am Lacye. Welcome to LAB Shaman. I would like to inform you on what you can expect from this blog.  You can expect three things from my blog: wellness guides, spiritual, and travel tips.

Spiritual tips: When I started my spiritual journey, I was alone. I had no special guide or guru to help lead me to live a purposeful life. It was all hard knocks for me. That sucks.  I had to learn almost everything the hard way. I am here to help you through the tough stuff from my experiences. No need for all of us to go through spiritual development the hard way.

Wellness: You must live a healthy life to achieve happiness. I don’t mean healthy physically but from within. People like to focus on the aesthetics when they look like the back of a dumpster on the inside. Let’s change that.

Travel: One of my loves in life is traveling. After years of experience, I would like to share all that I have learned from working corporate and booking thousands of travel plans for others and myself. I will host rare spiritual retreats. I feel to build credibility and feel comfortable in my plans of traveling, you must first understand my perspective in this field. I am IATA certified, and I have traveled to numerous places alone, as well as with people. Travel is a part of my life forever.

Finally, expect for me to be honest and open. As a beautiful fire sign, the Archer, I dislike being vulnerable, and I feel it is a major challenge I need to achieve in this lifetime. I also know that, by being vulnerable, it will allow you to understand that you are not alone in your feelings and direction. I decided to create this blog to reach out to the masses. If I allow myself to be vulnerable, others can be, too, and we can open the doors of communication effectively. Being vulnerable and open shows you truly do not care what others think. That is the true definition of freedom.  

So, welcome. This is a warm and welcoming place for open thoughts and discussions. Let’s get ready to grow!