What is LAB Shaman LLC?

LAB SHAMAN is about healing yourself through self-love from a holistic-spiritual approach. 

LAB- are my initials. SHAMAN- means healer. 

LAB Shaman specializes in equipping one’s self for spiritual growth, wellness and travel related to spiritual influences. 

Sometimes, we look outwards for what we can only find within. I have always been a strong proponent of getting medical assistance whenever it is required, but sometimes we need more than just a prescription.  This is the reason this site is here:  to help YOU find that optimal self by healing and I am confident of teaching you the vital tools and approach for achieving your spiritual personal goals. Then, the rest is up to you to accomplish what you have been craving in life but this site is here to help others at various levels.

Who is LAB Shaman?

My name is Lacye. I am a single mother of three lovely souls from a previous marriage. Artist, healer & teacher, I practice various natural healing techniques using metaphysical methods. My spiritual awakening began around 5 years ago. Within this time, I have received my Munay Ki Rites; knowledge of natural healing, alternative medicines, and various other attunements: such as dowsing, distant energy healing, candles, tarot cards and shamanism, to name a few.  I am  a certified Reiki Master. I also love to create things. I have planned, developed and created various items to help you via your journey in life at my store.

 It delights me to let you know I create 99% of the items in my store with my hands. I love to create! Quality is a crucial element for me on any project. I carefully designed and hand-craft each product and art piece available through my store. As a highly detailed and focused artist, I believe that details form the personality and effectiveness of any hand-crafted item. This is a more reason why my customers know that they are paying for something that is genuinely unique and perfected.

I began doing my art when I was little and I’ve become an established, self-taught, born & raised Atlanta-based art professional within my field for over 10 years with specific skills in mixed media, painting, sculpting, among other various media of art.

I attended the school of business at Brenau University in Gainesville, GA. I have over 15 years of experience in customer service. I also have numerous certifications that are business related. I am an IATA certified travel agent, and I have had over 1.5 million dollars worth of travel sold by myself. In my previous corporate life, I specialized in Flights, Hotels, and Transportation. I have traveled to numerous places and I love sharing my experiences to ignite that flair for traveling in anyone. 

So, make sure you explore the website and remember I’m only a few clicks away.


LAB )o(






I have received training in various techniques. Listed below are just a few of my certifications, training and specilizations:

  1. IATA (Travel)

  2. Munay Ki Rites (Attunement)

  3. Dowsing/ Pendelum

  4. Shamanisim

  5. Tarot

  6. Astral Projection

  7. Distant Healing

  8. Dreams (a fascinating topic for me)

  9. Candles

  10. Energy Healing

  11. Crystals

  12. Usui Reiki Master

  13. Buddhism Through Scriptures

  14. Healing via Arts

  15. Art Therapy

  16. Magic in the Middle Ages

  17. Food & Health (Nutrition)

  18. Intuitive practices

  19. Clayravoyant

  20. Empath

  21. Karuna Reiki Master

  22. Ordained Minister